Can I change my screen name?

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Generally, we do not promote this practise, however, under specific circumstances we grant screen name changes as an exception to the rule and occasionally we are forcing players to change their screen names but only when it is absolutely necessary. 

If you have made an honest mistake and wish to amend your display name as shown at the poker tables, please contact us by submitting a request and providing at least three preferred screen names ranked in the order of your preference. We will assign the first available screen name from your list.

We are not committed to this practice and might consider flexible screen name change policy in the future, subject to our technical capabilities to implement such product feature. 



Any form of profanity, abusive or offensive language used in screen names may force us to a) change your screen name for you, b) temporarily suspend your Global Poker account, or c) permanently deactivate your Global Poker account.

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