I cannot login to my Global Poker account, what is happening?

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If you are experiencing difficulties whilst trying to login to your Global Poker account, one of the following might have happened:

  1. The internet connection might be unstable - either on your side or on the side of our production servers providers.
    If you are sure you are using correct login credentials and your internet connection is stable, it is best to check with other customers in our Discord Community who might have the same experience at the same time.
  2. You might have made a typo or left a blank space if you are copying credentials from your password manager app. I know, it happens to me too.
  3. You could get a pop up suggesting that you are currently logged in from a different device. This can happen when you are logging in from the same device, especially if you did not logout properly - the "old" browser session might be running in memory of your device for few minutes and our servers would be detecting your "new" session as an attempt to connect concurrently from a different device and thus preventing such connection.

If you cannot find the solution on your own, feel free to contact us.

If you have forgot your password, please follow instructions as described here.

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